Release agents and process chemical specialties can do more than help make for a smooth manufacturing process. They are capable of elevating the entire composites industry. From the highly complex to the everyday, we provide customers with custom solutions that provide consistency, dependability, and value, from aerospace applications to automotive, construction, marine, recreational/sporting goods, wind energy, and more. And we do so in a safe, sustainable fashion.

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Composites Europe 2019

Chem-Trend's composite experts are looking forward to meeting you at Composites Europe 2019. Visit us in hall 7 at booth F01 and experience our innovative solutions for your industry. Our specialists will inform you about our Chemlease® and Zyvax® release systems portfolio (release agents, primer, sealers and cleaners) for automotive, aerospace and many more industries.

Die Cast

Die cast solutions have been a part of Chem-Trend since day one. As conditions continue to become more demanding, efficiency becomes more crucial, and materials become even more premium, we work alongside our customers to uncover every possibility.

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GIFA 2019

Chem-Trend will be exhiting in hall 11 at booth B59. Get in touch and discuss our solutions for release agents and plunger lubricants.


The world of polyurethane manufacturing is full of challenges and opportunities. We develop mould release agents and ancillary products, but more than that, we develop solutions that unleash your potential. After all, what you do is crucial to the world’s manufacturing process. And we can help make it even better.

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The rubber industry has its own unique release agent challenges, all of which we help provide game-changing solutions for. We work alongside our customers to ensure these challenges are transformed into competitive advantages.

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Chem-Trend is the leading supplier of release agents to the global tyre industry. In fact, our products have contributed to the production of half the tyres on the road today. Why? Because we uniquely understand the demanding and exacting requirements of the industry, and we respect the needs of your world. We exist to serve you.

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The thermoplastics industry requires precision, efficiency, and consistency. At Chem-Trend, we help serve the thermoplastics sector by developing purging compounds and mould maintenance products and supporting customers in different thermoplastics processes, like injection moulding, extrusion, and rotational moulding.

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Catalogo Prodotti Lusin® per la manutenzione stampi

Soluzioni complete per una maggiore efficienza
Numerose soluzioni Chem-Trend per la manutenzione aumentano l’efficacia e riducono i costi, offrendo molteplici vantaggi in un unico prodotto. E se utilizzati in combinazione, i prodotti Lusin® per la manutenzione stampi sono progettati per migliorare le prestazioni di ciascun prodotto. Come parte del regolare ciclo di manutenzione, la combinazione di detergenti, lubrificanti e protettivi Lusin® è in grado di fornire i massimi benefici.

Il catalogo relativo ai Prodotti per la Manutenzione Lusin® è disponibile in italiano e comprende tutti i principali prodotti per la manutenzione Chem-Trend.

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K Show 2019

Do you have questions about our Ultra Purge™ purging compounds and Lusin® mould maintenance products for thermoplastic processing? Come and see us at K Show in Düsseldorf, Germany. You will find us in hall 8A at booth H41.

Wood Composite

The wood composite industry is highly complex. The type of wood, materials, binder, processes, capacities… it all varies from country to country, region to region, and materials to materials. We have developed a comprehensive range of mould release agents that can handle the challenges found in wood panel fiber pressing applications.

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